Over the past few years, young professional organizations across the state have been gaining recognition and support as they embark on a mission to bring their voice to the communities in which they live, work and play. Recently, a group of young professionals in Macomb County have united to bring their voices forward, the result of which is NextGen Macomb.


The idea for NextGen Macomb began when the V.P. of one of our area Chambers of Commerce visited another Michigan young professional organization and identified a need within Macomb County.  He quickly approached a few leaders and young professionals in the county and brought them together. Once the conversation had begun, it was difficult to stop. A year later, a few key individuals with a strong desire to get involved in the community set about the business of creating a YPO in Macomb County.


They assembled a team of leaders and influential young professionals in Macomb to attend an initial “buy-in” meeting to determine once and for all if there was enough drive and determination to execute such an endeavor. It was unanimously decided that there was and the first official meeting took place in June of 2012 with 12 people representing various industries and professions in Macomb, present.


Since then, NextGen Macomb has developed a coherent set of goals, a defining mission statement, an organizational structure and a website. As young professionals, we recognize the importance and convenience of technology and endeavor to use it to reach other area young professionals in a unified and productive way. Currently, we attend relevant events in the County and utilize organizational outreach to participate in the community and leverage influence in the quality of life and careers in Macomb.